Indie Deck Review

Indie Deck Review

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So, we have about a billion cat tarot decks , a few dog tarot decks, and even a lizard tarot deck out on the market but I'd be hard pressed to say if I've ever seen another Alpaca Tarot deck. When I unboxed the Alpaca Tarot (you can see this video on our Patreon), I knew immediately that this deck would be an instant boost of joy. The Alpaca Tarot is an overload of cuteness and honestly, with the state of the world lately, I could use some adorable distractions. If you're someone who isn't fond of cuteness then you'll probably want to pass on this deck but if you welcome some fun in your deck collection then you'll enjoy this deck. The Alpaca Tarot by Quynh Tran, was a Kickstarter that successfully funded at the end of 2022.

There were several cards that made me laugh out loud, and the entire time I was looking through the art, I had a smile on my face. The deck follows the RWS system with nods to traditional symbolism while swapping the color palette for soft, cool toned, pastels. Although this is an anthropomorphic deck, for the most part the alpacas remain on all fours. If they are taking on more human-like behaviors, they're not out of character with the rest of the alpacas. I also appreciate that there is no violence depicted. The 3 of Swords, and 10 of Swords remain true to the RWS system without any bloody scenes.

I think it's a mistake to assume that because a deck is full of adorable, chubby-faced, fluffy animals, that it can't be used for real, practical, or significant readings. A good tarot creator knows how to walk this fine line. Quynh Tran is a talented artist who has managed to create a fun deck that can offer a sincere message for its users.

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Reviewed by Havana @sparkledivinetarot

Created by @alpacatarotdeck

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