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Welcome! You have reached the beautiful green meadows, home to Alpaca & friends. Take this tarot journey to the world of Alpaca Tarot. Alpaca Tarot consists of 78-illustrated tarot cards inspired by the original Rider-Waite Smith. 

You're welcome to stay awhile. Enjoy the playlist of tunes, take a walk around or just bask in all the beautiful sunshine the Alpaca Tarot world has to offer.
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Artist Notes: Ever had a question but you didn't know who to talk to? The inspiration behind this deck came from years of using tarot as a self guidance tool. Tarot has a funny way of telling you things that you may overlook in your everyday life. It helps me sort my thoughts, feelings and sometimes makes me laugh. I hope this deck brings you joy, thoughtful discoveries and awakening revelations as you adventure into the fields of Alpaca Tarot!

Deck Notes: The final artwork images are subject to change as it is finalized with community feedback.

Currently, you can check out Alleyman's Tarot Kickstarter project. The Sun card from Alpaca Tarot is featured in this deck along with many amazing artists!

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About Quỳnh Trần

Quỳnh Trần is a San Diego based multidisciplinary artist.

Her background in as an artist started at a young age after discovering Adobe as a yearbook editor and designer in high school. After earning her Bachelor's from San Diego State University in Multimedia, she joined an art consulting company as a graphic designer, designing art all around the world for hospitality. Additionally, she expanded her experience in media arts with video game music composition, sound design, photography and DJing.

She loves telling stories through different mediums of art.

Quỳnh is currently residing San Diego where she enjoys the warm weather and coastal living.

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