Dear seeker,

Welcome! You have reached the beautiful green meadows, home to Alpaca Tarot & friends. Alpaca Tarot is a 78-illustrated tarot deck inspired from art of original Rider-Waite Smith.

You're welcome to stay awhile. Enjoy the playlist of tunes, take a walk around or just bask in all the beautiful sunshine the Alpaca Tarot world has to offer.

Artist Notes: 

Sometimes the best things that happen in your life are unexpected. I stumbled across tarot through a series of funny incidents in my life. As I meet you here, Alpaca Tarot is the result of those intersecting events. Tarot has a funny way of providing messages in your everyday life that you may overlook. It helps me sort thoughts, feelings, and the best part, makes me laugh!

I hope you forward to seeing the deck and that it brings you joy, thoughtful discoveries and awakening revelations as you adventure into the fields of Alpaca Tarot. Look forward to the Kickstarter launch Fall 2022!

Quỳnh Trần

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