Alpaca Tarot Deck

⤷ Inspired by the iconic Rider-Waite Smith deck, the Alpaca Tarot Deck is a charming experience with its soft pastel color palette. Find inspiration and clarity while frolicking freely in the green meadows of tarot exploration.

Its symbolism can guide you to explore emotions and thoughts, fostering personal growth and clarity. Embrace this gentle approach to tarot for a creative way to journey into self-discovery and enlightenment. 


About Artist

⤷ Meet Quynh, an artist from San Diego, who draws inspiration from the beauty of everyday life.

After graduating from the Multimedia program at San Diego State University, Quynh pursued her love for art in diverse ways. She has embraced various artistic mediums, from DJing to composing music and commercial art design.

Through Alpaca Tarot, she discovered how art intuitively intertwines with the human experience. As a child growing up, communication held immense importance for her. She found that expressing herself through art became her unique way of communication. 


  • Kickstarter

    Alpaca Tarot Deck was successfully funded on Kickstarter.