🦙🔮 About Alpaca Tarot Deck

Welcome to the enchanting meadows that house Alpaca Tarot and its companions. Featuring 78 adorned alpaca cards inspired from the iconic Rider-Waite Smith deck. Alpaca Tarot embraces a soothing color palette with delicate pastel hues. Make yourself at home and immerse yourself in all sights and sounds that Alpaca Tarot has to offer. Frolic freely in the green meadows! 🤍

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📖 About Artist

Quynh is a diverse multimedia artist, a native of San Diego that finds inspiration in everyday life.

She graduated in the Multimedia program at San Diego State University and has since pursued her love for art. From DJing events, composing music for video games, and designing art for commercial and hospitality spaces, visual storytelling through photography, Quynh explores various mediums to express her artistic passion.

With Alpaca Tarot, she found that art intertwines with the human experience in an intuitive way. Presenting an functional tool for communication and healing.


🗒️ Note from the Artist 

Over the years, a series of unexpected events sparked my journey into the world of tarot, with each piece falling into place like a puzzle. For Alpaca Tarot, what started as a doodle on my computer turned into sharing it on the internet and that eventually snowballed into three years of illustrating this deck.

I never would of thought this was a possible outcome for me.

Enjoy your journey into Alpaca Tarot. I hope you will discover new experiences with this deck and that it will bring you guidance on your adventure ahead!

🤍, Q