Super Blue Moon Tarot Spread

Super Blue Moon Tarot Spread


1. Emotions

What emotions or situations am I being called to let go of?

Card: Knight of Swords

Release the feelings of acting impulsively based on your feelings alone. Instead of rushing into decisions driven by temporary emotions, this card prompts you to pause and engage your intellect. It's a call to detach from the urgency of the moment and take a step back to assess the situation more objectively. This card is also a reminder to balance between speaking your truth and being mindful of the feelings of those around you.

2. Intuition

What insights does my intuition offer for this journey phase?

Card: Two of Swords

Engage not your eyes, but your inner knowing — the compass of intuition that dwells within. Each blade of the two of swords represents a path, a decision, a destiny. The blindfold does not leave you in darkness, rather; it awakens your other senses. When alpacas encounter new environments, their intuition guides them to approach with either caution or curiosity based on their senses. Approach your tasks and new ideas with the mindfulness to find harmony between what makes sense intellectually and what feels right emotionally.

3. Transformations

What aspects of my life should I focus on changing?

Card: Queen of Pentacles

Focus on changing things related to your material and practical well-being. Transform the way you approach your finances and career by reassessing your financial habits, seeking opportunities for growth and stability. While focusing on this area of your life can create a sense of security for yourself and your loved ones. It's also a good time to refresh your connection to the natural world. Consider how you can make more eco-conscious choices and become more attuned to the rhythms of nature, just like the Queen of Pentacles.

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